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I do hate this new System, here is why:

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
  • TimeTravelSammy's Avatar 60 1 Posts Joined 10/18/2020
    Posted 4 days, 1 hour ago

    Hallo everyone. My Name is Samuel from Hearthstone, my Nick ingame is DoktorOkabe. I have so much to tell about the new System as a Pay to Play Player and as a lover since Ungoro.

    First off lets talk about the new system. Everyone Hates it, or the biggest half of the community. So me too. Why? Its because Blizzard REALY stole my progress. 
    I am beeing Slowed Down by A lot. And when i say by a lot, i mean REALY by a lot.

    Before the rewamp i could earn nearly a pack or arena ticket a day. (quest + wins). This helps me out to get the cards i didnt draw from the mega bundles i always buy. (blame me or not but i love the game and have the money :D)
    But most times i miss about 22 Cards, 18 Legends and 2 or more epics (doubles or solo epics)

    After the normal release of a expansion it just need about 4 Weeks to get nearly all my intendet cards. And after this i allways spend the dust for golden ones.

    At the moment right now, i only got 3 Packs after the release of Dark Moon Faire. 
    This is not much.
    And i didnt even got this much gold, cause of the packs on the track.

    Hope you all didnt get this wrong but i think, blizzard may stole more than 3000 golds or more. They stole our Free Way to Get everthing when we want it. And this is the biggest issue i can see on the NEW system.

    Yeah the first level ups give me 1300 Gold. But to be honest, with the level ups that become more and more xp expensive, it will be harder to get more gold. 

    I even buy the pass for the nice new skins of Annhylde or the Jaina and Thrall Skins. But i am sad that these are the only ones we get.
    For 20 Bucks its about 7 Skins + a gold Skin and a golden Dark Moon Guy. This is not okay, because other games give you more than this. Why no Arena Tickets? or MORE Gold for level ups? Like: 100 for the free way, and 200 for the payed way. I mean this would likely make everyone want to get  the Pass.

    Whats your most LOST in the new System?

    Did you Enjoy Hearthstone dispite of the new System?

    Greetings from Germany

    [I am sorry when i do make big mistakes in english grammar or the right typing of words. its not my mother language.]

  • Echo's Avatar Administrator Child of the Night 545 234 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 3 days, 17 hours ago

    First off, don't worry about your English, its perfectly fine!

    As for the actual battlepass, its very easy to just say that Blizzard dropped the ball on this one, because they did. While I think that with some tuning, this system can become significantly better than the prior one, some numbers definitely need to be tuned to make rewards still feel good. In most cases, The best case of this can be seen with the XP per hour thing. The fact the system currently doesn't reward you for actually winning is incredibly dumb and encourages a bunch of people to bot since having an AI that just plays odd warrior and presses the button every turn is just as effective as playing an actually difficult deck and having a solid winrate with it. The actual rewards from the pass feel weird as well. I can understand the increasing amounts of XP per level, but spending a ton of time only to unlock a pack from one of last year's sets just feels bad. Even though in most cases, the pack is going to be the same amount of dust as whatever the player is going to open with 100 gold, the lack of choice hurts.

    As for the paid path, putting on better rewards feels like it can be a good idea, but it also feels like a great way to open the reddit floodgates to throw another hissyfit about the game getting two expensive. Hearthstone's current battle pass is very much like Legends of Runeterra's pass, that only consisting of cosmetics. Issue is that Runeterra is also a much more f2p friendly game than Hearthstone and so the similar system just doesn't work. I do think that the tavern pass can be more enticing, including a couple more skins or giving battleground perks or something of that sort, but I don't think adding a ton of gold or arena tickets would be great.

    The main things that need to be done to fix the current system is to make change XP per hour to actually reward good players, and some form of smaller rewards in between levels because later on it just sucks to only get a pack or two every couple of days.

    Absolute gamer.

  • RavenSunHS's Avatar Refreshment Vendor 765 1450 Posts Joined 03/27/2019
    Posted 3 days, 16 hours ago

    As a gold saver and hoarder, I don't see too much the problem of being unable to buy some packs: I buy all I can afford upon release and leave some 4-5k for the future.

    But I see what you mean. I also bought regular packs when my collection was poor.

    Imo, as I wrote in a previous post, I think they should first of all fix the damn xp curve, make it slower to progress in the first 20-25 levels, and slightly faster afterwards: right now the feeling of a wall is depressing. Progress should feel slow, but progress nonetheless.

    Then they should absolutely think of a deeper reward system, where gold is the most basic income, NOT the ultimate reward.

    When you quest with a character, you get xp AND gold: levels up should unlock game perks (ie stuff, cards, heroes in BG and Duels, instead of binding them to silly paywalls), maybe gold too, but there should be a way to earn small amounts of gold bound to quests.

    Dust could also be a level up currency.

    Wild cards too!

    Oh and make weekly quest bigger: more average time required, as well as more xp rewarded.

    Imo xp track is a great way to involve people to regular gametime, but right now they are wasting the chance to make it work properly for some short-sighted corporate policy.

  • Meteorite12's Avatar 620 696 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

    I was really hoping the new system would make me feel a lot more interested in the game, but I just don’t even feel like booting up the game at this point. Says a lot given how much of a sucker I am for eldritch themes in games, this expansion should’ve made me love the game even more

    Who needs consistency when you could have fun?

  • clawz161's Avatar 535 595 Posts Joined 07/16/2019
    Posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

    Unfortunately no matter how many people complain there are too many whales that won't notice the change and continue to pay. The old system was like a miner, he worked in the mine all day and whatever he mined out he was able to sell for profit. Some days he made a lot, some days not so much, but never nothing. Now in an effort to make less days when the miner makes not so much, his boss gives him a change in salary. Now everything he mines out he has to give to the boss, and in return he gets a regular fee. This fee is slightly higher than the days when he brought in not so much money, and in return for this guarantee of funds, he will never again make a lot.


  • dapperdog's Avatar 880 1639 Posts Joined 07/29/2019
    Posted 3 days, 13 hours ago

    The most I lost is probably bits of my sanity. Hearthstone used to be that game I pay attention to once a while, or when I get some real juicy ideas for decks, and new expansions tend to be exciting. Now we're a week into the new expansion and all I've been able to think about is the numerous bugs, arguments over the new system (perfectly reasonable ones, I may add), and min-maxing xp gains.

    It used to be that I would log in, flip the bs low roll quests, then systematically complete them as they fill up. Now, not only have I to actually flip them twice (like getting that 4 wins in arena is probably the worst of the worst) there's just this lingering bugbear near my ear that's telling me that I'm putting way more effort for less rewards.

    Just played a few aggro decks, and man does it feel painful even when you win, since the game barely lasts 7 mins at most. 42 xp gained, even when I won. Since queuing time doesn't count in xp calc, it's actually objectively worse to play 2 hours of aggro compared to playing a 2 hour control match. Of course, it works both ways too. When you face an aggro player it spits at your face twice to suffer both the unkind emoting and the poor xp gained now.

    The bugs, lord have mercy. Playing or suffering a yogg disconnects the game apparently. Losing dailies (happened to me twice) and weeklies. Xp gain not registering until you restart HS. Reward track goes AWOL at times. Not being able to flip quests (I actually abstained a day from playing because of that bs 800xp quest of which I was prevented from rerolling that fking day). I'm sure there's more to be had that I've not suffered yet.

    Really hope they not only fix the bugs, but also give us something back for what has happened over the past week. Or at least have some sort of weekly blog or something, just so we know they are not only equally concerned but also committed to its playerbase.

    Here's one on top of my wishlist. Please slot in the damn interface showing how much xp Im gaining per match. I swear sometimes the game cheats you off your xp.

  • Thraxus's Avatar 575 89 Posts Joined 05/08/2020
    Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

    I hate it too. I am completely lost on how they managed to screw this from start to finish. I mean most of the issues and reactions were entirely predictable:

    • XP per hour: How could they not anticipate that people will abuse this system with bots? I played a match just yesterday which I strongly suspect was against a bot (HP every turn, not played a single minion only removal and armor gain spells)
    • Rewards: Its a disgrace, too few and too grindy; again how could they not anticipate the backlash? I mean they either intentionally lied before ("players will have the same as before") or the actual HS dev team has no say in monetization
    • The UI is very bad and feels just outdated; I mean having to click on every achievement really (where is the usability)
    • Bugs

    As a reaction I went full F2P

    English is not my native language, so please excuse occasional mistakes

  • DoubleSummon's Avatar 1190 2070 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

    Blizzard is intentionally making everyone mad so when they fix their problem:

    1. they get money they wanted from people who don't care/are too addicted to care.

    2. People are so grateful for "their kindness and generosity" after they fix the problem.

    3.They want to know how far they can go with their greed.

    keywords in the apology post: "first version","events". 

    Edit: after reading your posts I must ask.. Aren't games supposed to be fun? Why you cope with this? I thought they would add the exp system on top of gold quests but they did it the scummiest way to give you very close to the same system but less satisfying. 

    Just quit, seriously this game is not worth it, Blizzard isn't worth your devotion. 


  • AbusingKel's Avatar Global Moderator 335 179 Posts Joined 02/02/2019
    Posted 3 days, 6 hours ago

    You are not alone in how you feel. This system is a huge disappointment. I made a detailed post about it in this thread, but the basic conclusion is that we need to hit what appears to be an unobtainable level in order to earn the minimum gold we would have earned in the old daily quest system.

    "At level 50 we still need 3300 gold to reach the 8500 gold mark. Which means we need 22 more level up rewards @ 150 each. At level 72 we hit the mark, which is the low end of what the original system allowed."

    Level 72 seems like a long shot based on how slow progress becomes at levels in the 20s. 


    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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