This game has gone to shit.

Forged in the Barrens
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    All this game is now is hope you get better randomly than your opponent. It's gotten stupid. Blizzard sucks. Bring back Ben, when the game had some integrity and every match wasn't a crap shoot 

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    I can't agree here. Hearthstone has gotten more interesting with new mechanics, but right now RNG and card generation is scaled back, Barrens has very few random effects.All 14 random effects in Barrens, and comparably with the year of the dragon very little card generation- all 6 discover effects +Kazakus, Golem Shaper- note that only four of them generate a card.

    So, there is very little RNG compared to any point in the last two years, but a bit of RNG is to be expected in a card game, where you randomly draw cards.

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    Getting better randomly than your opponent is the basis of a card game simply because of the card draw, like that's how it works with MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Solitaire, Phase 10, and even Uno.

    Hearthstone was under Ben's direction when the Discover mechanic was created, and when Baku and Genn were designed, so he's not infallible. Also while under Ben's direction, Hearthstone didn't get Battlegrounds, Duels, Book of Heroes/Mercenaries, or the new Mercenaries mode. I got nothing against the guy, but he can stay where he's at.

    Also, instead of creating a thread to express yourself, check out this one first.

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