New Shadow Isles Card - Thorny Toad

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

    A new Common Shadow Isles Unit, Thorny Toad, has been revealed!

    Thorny Toad Card Image

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    While the stat line and heal are obviously nice, the real value of this card rests on Toss & MalokaiBADCARDNAME.  If Malokai is strong, then cards like this are awesome: he's an effective early game blocker (which SI generally lacks) and he heals, both of which you want for longer games.  Plus, he will progress Malokai by 3 (4 if he's on the board).  On the other hand, if Malokai is weak, I don't think toad is good enough to earn a spot in your deck: SI control decks would probably prefer to keep the existing strategy of just ceding early board entirely and catching up via Avalanche / Withering Wails / Ruination, and SI tempo decks want to be more aggressive than a 1/4 stat line.

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