The Syndrome Effect

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    I’ve noticed this for myself as a player, and I’m curious if anyone else feels the same way. The super-villain Syndrome once said, “With everyone super, no one will be.” It seems to me like that has almost happened here in LoR.

    What I mean by this is we are currently sitting in a pretty balance meta. You can use a huge variety of decks now to laser through the rankings. 

    My problem is, with no predominant decks that are the “Top Dog” to take down, there isn’t as much satisfaction in a victory. My decks don’t feel special, because nearly any deck is good right now. 

    It’s a weird paradox. It sucks fighting a boss who you know you will lose too. But it also sucks when there isn’t really any boss at all. 

    These are just my musing’s. I’d be curious to hear if you have noticed the same thing.

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    This is exactly why I was skeptical when the devs said they wanted to make everything balanced.

    Carrion, my wayward grub.

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    I can't say that I share this feeling, in the previous meta an Azir/Irelia player could misplay all the time and still beat you because that deck was just that busted. That made playing that game a very frustrating experience for me and after a while I just decided to stop playing until the balance patch got released.

    Now I can beat a meta deck as long as I play better than opposition. Which feels pretty great.

    Also I wouldn't say that there is no "Top Dogs" or that "nearly any deck is goodknow" but I do understand why you might feel that way. The ladder is full of people who just netdeck the meta without taking time to properly learn how to play the decks in question but once you get to high Elo and you start facing people who know what their doing your gonna see the difference in power between meta and non-meta decks.


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