New Meta Overview Bandlewood Part 2

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    Posted 12 months ago

    Really happy the new decks are performing well, kennen Ezreal easily counterable but also there are enough tech choices availible that you can counter attempts to counter it.

    Ie proactive plays cloud stance instead of recall which gets really bad when the opponent knows its coming. Like it isn't fiz, you just drag kenen or block kenen and wait for the recall/buff and respond accordingly. Basically screws the entire yeah cloud stance is op run it and run with both twin disciplines and the Lee Sin card.

    The deck becomes a lot more powerful when your opponent forced to make the first move instead of vice versa and you won't always have the luxury to play solitaire.

    But right now yes absolutely every meta deck plays solitaire because card interaction is hard so it's doing great.

    Pantheon is fantastic for a all in on one card type strategy, he's basically a mini arsenal and who doesn't love that card?

    Ahiri already has a solid home, and personally I think robo boy is amazing people just run him wrong he's a Jinx activator, it's what he does well, he isn't good when you try to use him as a worse pantheon or a Sion pal, because Sion doesn't want you invoking mechs.

    And yes all the old decks are still good too so I would say the meta is in a fantastic place, the only really big loosers are the old solitaire decks that cycled infinitely because Ezreal Kenen just does it better and that's okay.


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    Posted 12 months ago

    It pains me to see that people play yasuo kennen with bandle city as the second region.

    Bandle city doesn't support yasuo a lot: you get Cloud Stance Lightning Rush and Quicken but is that good enough to justify bandle? Apparently it's not given the deck win's only 40% of games.

    Meanwhile if you go targon, get access to nexus heal, Shield Vault (which also buffs yasuo's damage) Hush (which can't be wrong against ezreal kennen) Iula (which makes Fae Bladetwirler actually dangerous) and Solari Sunhawk you will do better for sure.

    I didn't find a matchup unwinable with the targon variant and I am confident it is actually decent

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    Posted 12 months ago

    Hmmm I don't think you'll see much Yassao period, I already see people flocking back to bandlewood infinite cycle decks because they are easy to play and have no loose condition.

    Now aggro and combo decks punish those lists its why they sit at like a 50% on mobalytics but pity I don't play those decks at all.

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    Posted 12 months ago

    "Truth is in the shadows, waiting to be revealed by the light. But light only disperses the shadow." - Me

    "If other people shared traits of those considered naive, the world would've become a better place." - Also me

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    Posted 12 months ago
    Quote From Neoguli

    okay so you are trying to take your chance to kill the lvl 1 Kennens with a Yasuo on curve on turn 5?

    Good luck at succeeding with that buddy and not get denied/recalled

    I am really not buying this card since it will rarely hits more than 2 units. You rather invoke a 3 mana stun 2 units than using this card that is niche at best

    like name a 1 tier deck right now that cares about the 2 power or less clause

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    Posted 12 months ago

    Killing Kenin is easy. Drag the Kenin with a challenger wait for the necessary bounce counter with board interaction, aka single, vile or mystic.

    So the key is that you are responding when Kenin comes down on turn 4 every kenin deck functions this way and knowing when a play is guaranteed to happen is very powerful.

    Why is it guaranteed? Because you developed threats and youre pressuring life total.

    Now you're running meta decks, they don't have challengers, or vulnerable, or board interaction besides pokey stick and thats it. So yeah you're gonna get pooped on by a combo deck that just stuns and plays solitaire with itself when really the best best way to stop that from happening is throwing the table.

    But yeah waiting till turn 5 for a sweeper is pretty much guaranteed to loose if that's what we are talking about lol, you have to answer things on curve with kenin  and then if that fails try the sweeper thing after taxing their answers.

    ------- Bonus-------

    You want a real mind **** the best Kenin card is the Lee Sin challenger granter because it's let's Kenin beat other Kenin decks. That's all the proof I need that board interaction is the best counter to everyone's favorite combo deck.

    -----Extra Bonus----

    The best pantheon deck has gone up 2% on mobalytics just by hard teching challenger dragon. Honestly I probably wouldn't stop there there's an argument for laurent protégé as well.

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