Patch Notes - Big Buffs Finally

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    So we finally get a look at what the devs think needs to be improved from an archetype perspective.

    The big winner is control...vengeance is 6 mana this one mana difference is game changing. It's actually possible to pass pass into like a Zigs kill if your hand is super heavy.

    Freijord changes to anivia and and trundle again I'm like not the biggest fan of this deck but it should punish infinite value Bandle decks and Heimer, Zoe etc. So thats great. The deck also has an actual identity and unique play flavor and I'm all about that.

    Kindred goes down to 4 mana and Xerath gets a point of health big buffs to the I just want you to stick to the board Champs. I have said before that in skilled hands Xerath has no skill ceiling and now that he's that much harder clear he's a real threat.

    Mono shurima now gets to auto play its landmark and again 6 mana instead of 7 mana to auto level its Champs to tier 3. Hey look Riot is putting the fun back in there game...great stuff I'd like to see more of this.

    Reminds me of when they buffed braum he was basically unplayable before and now he's at least a little scary as like a hard counter. I could almost see Fiora and Shen having their nerfs reverted because again we want these champs playable, for the sake of fun.

    I think Riots getting that so a few more buff passes like this one and I think the game will be in a much more "unbalanced" but funner (not a real word) state.

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    I am greatful for Anivia buffs, since some of the most fun decks I've played in this game revolved around her. Though you did remind me of how I also liked Fiora Shen. While I doubt she will be reverted, you can try pairing Shen with Garen. Garen demands a bit less resources in terms of protection and still is a good win condition with his constant Rally.

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    Garen being a win con is debatable to say the least sure he can give lot's of rallies but he is vulnerable ( Like many Demacian champs ) to chump blocking. Usually with Garen you just keep getting chump blocked until your opponent find their removal or get his own win con online. If you look at all the meta champs you will notice that they all can deal damage directly to the Nexus either through burn damage or evasive keywords  ( preferably with elusive or overwhelm but Impact and Fearsome can also get the job done ) or they buff unit that who have said keywords ( Like Sivir, Poppy and Nami ), but this is just me speaking from purely competitive standpoint. I suppose he works just fine if you play him at more casual level.

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