Is the LOR Team Running Out Of Ideas?

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    So good news some of the least well designed cards such as Ahiri, and whiteflame are being nerfed in the future each losing a point of life each. Better late than never, however I have to say my excitement for the new cards is at an all time low.

    Beaters, beaters everywhere, they go face, they don't synergies, or have alternate wincons, or burn, or use landmarks or anything. Like we get it Riot the best cards are the ones you can just play and are just good on board and do their thing, so when they die you replay them.

    But like geeze common at least give me a reason to want to pair certain cards together and not just turn the game blatantly into value piles like they have been for the last 8 months.

    So in summary lame expansion, but good balance patch.

    -case study-

    For consistency sake I consider any card that creates archetypes and decks to be well designed, and cards that are obviously just good in a vacuum to be bad.

    Icevail archer enables Ash and stalls for control decks, what a good card.

    White flame is literally a superior laurent protégé that requires less board interaction ans reactive play, what a bad card.

    So when the devs doubling down on the let's just release obviously good brain dead cards it makes me miss the high synergy build around champ focused meta decks we had before.

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    Shup up clown

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