Monday Meta Report is here! 4/5/22

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

    Head on over to Mastering Runeterra to see the latest meta report for the first couple days after the patch.

    It's a fascinating picture of what is good and what is not good currently in the meta.

    Note that the playrate of Mono-Shurima is decreasing at this point, so it's nothing to be concerned about.

    The rest of the meta has a lot of interesting decks and it's pretty diverse. So far, I'd say Riot did a great job with this balance patch!

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

    It took them many buffs but Riven and Viktor deck are finally meta, that deck is probably the best if your looking to climb, as it preys on Mono Shurima who is the most overplayed deck on the ladder. I am also happy to see Ziggs/Taliyah doing well the new landmark package was one the few good things that came out of this expansion.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Percentages are a bit low, and there's some key representation missing largely because people have no idea what they should be playing even though the answers are obvious.

    But otherwise great report

    Even mobalytics is struggling a bit with accurate reporting with 7 gnar decks listed like they are somehow different from one another 

    Like glimpse bro I know pre-nerf gnar was stupid and even now he's free card advantage with 0 effort but different Champs exist I promise.

    Also glimpse is Swim so all jokes aside like he can get to masters with poros so his deck recommendations are generally a total mess and not stats based, or even roughly reflective of what is winning and for what reasons.

    I like everyone else believe this meta is super healthy, and is not dominated by play percentage by 7 gnar decks...that would be kind of hard to miss.

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