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    Posted 3 months ago

    So similar to world waker when it first came out ladder is basically a complete mess.

    Not sure if internal testing basically doesn't exist at Riot anymore.

    But its getting a little tiring having to wait 3 months for a new set to get balanced just so I can climb to diamond.

    Things like concurrent timelines, the infinite amount of Ionia running around, equipment decks everywhere, basically makes the game unplayable.

    So here we go wake me up for the next major game fixing patch and I'll see you guys in diamond.


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    Posted 3 months ago

    Here are all the big problematic cards.

    1. Ionia gets a infinite 1 mana card generator that unlike droplet does not require synergy or allow room for interaction.

    2. 1 mana burst spells hard buffed, don't try to remove or answer things ever 

    3. Tempo tempo everywhere playing an equipment card that tutors a sheperds crook and becomes a batista with overwhelm something like 7/5 overwhelm stats on 3 is game breaking from a control perspective.

    4. Akshan essentially playing the roll of the infinite card generator for shurima, with equipment providing infinite landmark procs, swap 1 mana equipment for 1 mana equipment etc.

    5. Bounces being the only in curve answer to equipment in the game, further solidifying Ionia as the only valid control region.

    6. Removal nerfs across the board killing freijord and shadow and noxious

    7. Champs are bad again, essentially have no place in the game other then to tutor and draw and cycle

    Like I have to laugh that pre-expansion the most broken thing in the game was "darkness" aka I play dmg spells to remove your stuff.

    Now the most broken stuff in the game is I draw infinite cards (A) or deck (B) I play infinitely power creeped on curve threats.

    Like come on guys I can't be the only person who sees when World Waker and now Awakening comes out with this broken stuff its basically dumbs down the game to hearthstone levels, with only 2 valid play patterns.

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    Posted 3 months ago


    Here's a pretty good example of Majin Bae showing off in game 1 how old school removal decks ie Katarina and ezreal can not beat Ionia currently regardless of what they do.

    Now valid he is either A an excellent meta abuser which allows him to be one of the best players at the game  but B he also has a track record for being terrible with any deck that isn't meta across the board.

    So typically if he running something day 1 it's pretty much guarteed to be brokenly competitive.

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