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     Don’t know if anyone else has run into this, but I’m curious how you report a hacker. I was playing with a guy, and he started playing cards that look normal, but with the effects changed.

    One was a Vile Feast, which normally drains 1 from an opponent, but he had changed it so that it drained three.

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    Perhaps he has double powder keg in his board? so his vile feast deal 3 damage because of it..


    Leap of Faith...

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    Well, there is a card Grasp of the Undying that drains 3 from a unit. Did it still summon a spider? Do you remember if it looked like Grasp of the Undying or Vile Feast? If it was Vile Feast, it could drain 3 if the opponent had something like 2 Powder Kegs or 2 Funsmiths on board, because they increase the damage of spells and skills. If your opponent was playing Bilgewater and Shadow Isles with Gangplank they were likely playing a lot of Powder Kegs and you must have just not seen them on the board. 

    In general, it is very hard to hack a computer card game, since there is only 1 version of each card, and you can't manipulate your inputs to be better like aimbots in shooter games. The closest thing to a hack in a card game is some combination of cards that crashes the game, but that is more of a bug than a true hack. If you think something is a hack, you should go over what happened very closely, to make sure it wasn't just some strange card interaction. I hope this helps! 

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    I actually have a photo because it really surprised me. Do you know how to share it here? 

    It wasn’t Grasp of the Undying; the card specifically was Vile Feast, and he had 2 Spiderling’s and an Elise in his backro

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