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Two Simple Rules For New Players

  • ViktorVonVox's Avatar 80 53 Posts Joined 03/25/2020
    Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    1) Never Surrender any games until Platinum.
    2) Keep your ego in check. If your opponent has not surrender, always assume they have have an out.

    My latest ranked game is an important example of both of these, players will do some incredible stupid things whether by ego or they oversee a solution. These will net you free wins.

    My opponent has 4 health left and I have 13 health left. This Braum/Vlad had my Kninkou Elusives against a wall with 6 units on the field, one with overwhelm, a braum, and 4 other unites. Braum pulled my elusive unit leaving me just an Shadow Assassin to block with. The five units on the board is dealing 17 damage (3 atk Overwhelm, 4 atk, 4 atk, 3 atk, 3 atk). With the units on the field he can kill me as is. Instead of letting it go, he decides to gloat. He drops his last two 2 braum's on the 3 atk overwhelm buffing him instead of holding them. He then spams Braum emote for the duration of the timer. I will his buffed overwhelm and block a 4 atk unit.  He Darius emotes me and emotes the entire time he has priority. I drop my elusive unit in hand and we both have zero cards. I top deck a buff to swing for lethal and my opponent draws a brick.

    The opponent adds me as a friend and proceeds to spam some inappropriate comments and blocks me.

    This is why you don't surrender in lower ranks. Not sure if the same applies in higher ranks as I doubt people make these silly mistakes in higher elo. Maybe a Master Tier player can confirm.

  • sinti's Avatar Global Moderator Card Designer Enthusiast 965 1647 Posts Joined 10/20/2018
    Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    This is nothing new, dont surrender for a small possibility your opponent will BM and throw or DC etc. It is just matter of your mind-set and time spent.

    Some ppl can get tilted staying in a match like that, or by the opponent's actions. Or that win might not be worth spending another 10+ minutes in the game when you know you are most likely going to lose. Depends on the deck you play etc.

    I get what ur saying, but it is not something that isnt just common sense and everyone has to decide for themselves if it is worth it in their current game or not. I wouldnt call it a hard rule or anything.

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