Funny Deck Ideas - New Set

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    Okay here we go with the brews now that all the cards have been released.

    We'll feature each new champion once

    They Who Nasus

    Atrocity :: Legends of Runeterra Card :: RuneterraFireLoR Kalista Deck Builds | Legends of Runeterra Guide

    It's your typical kalista shell, while it's true Nasus doesn't have overwhelm he does have spellshield, which is better with atrocity

    Also opens you up to use the new shirima deny card to ensure your atrocity hits

    Sand monkeys

    LoR Card: Jagged Taskmaster

    Plunder triggers for days, pretty easy to play gangplank leveled

    The taskmaster will up the dmg of all summoned units in both regions

    Frosty Leblanc

    LoR Ashe Deck Builds | Legends of Runeterra GuideLoR Card: Harsh Winds

    How do you guarantee strike value, you play frostbites and draw leblanc off hawk so it doesn't die to TF or shot

    everyone in this forum loves midrange frostbite so here ya go

    hashtag  me too

    Vi (Legends of Runeterra) | League of Legends Wiki | FandomLoR Thermogenic Beam Deck Builds | Legends of Runeterra Guide

    want to know how you do 35 dmg you run P and Z so you're removing but also punching with VI

    There's also keyword synergy where you give Vi overwhelm or elusive or something funny like that

    Stunned And marked for death

    LoR Yasuo Deck Builds | Legends of Runeterra GuideConcussive Palm :: Legends of Runeterra Card :: RuneterraFire

    The big problem with Kindred is that if you mark a unit for death, they will just attack with it to guarantee value

    How do you stop that value, you stun, also allows you to slay and the cycle continues

    Landmarks for days

    The synergy here is undeniable getting double 8/8's

    How you survive till you win well that's up to you

    sturdy blades custom made

    LoR Garen Deck Builds | Legends of Runeterra GuideLoR Battlesmith Deck Builds | Legends of Runeterra Guide

    Will elites finally be top tier, probably with this winning duo

    The deck was already pretty close to being playable this will push it the rest of the way

    Overwhelming Power

    Sejuani :: Legends of Runeterra Card :: RuneterraFireCaught in the Cold :: Legends of Runeterra Card :: RuneterraFire

    Don't lie you didn't even know that was a vulnerable card that also frostbit

    Well that's how you get renekton value easy peasy


    That's all the ideas I have right now let me know what you guys think

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