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Trial by Felfire Strategy Guide & Overview

Welcome to our strategy guide and overview for Trial by Felfire!

Trial by Felfire Chapters

The adventure is divided into different chapters filled with bosses. We have strategy guides for each of the chapters.

Trial by Felfire Boss Guides

If you're looking to stomp some bosses, we've got information on all of them!

Click on any boss down below to visit their guide.

A World in Ruin Bosses

Inquisitor Dakrel Card Image Xur'goth Card Image Zixor, Apex Predator Card Image Baltharak Card Image

To the Black Temple Bosses

Kanrethad Prime Card Image Burgrak Cruelchain Card Image Felstorm Run Card Image Mother Shahraz Card Image

To be a Demon Hunter Bosses

Shalja, Outcast Card Image Karnuk, Outcast Card Image Jek'haz Card Image Magtheridon Prime Card Image

Battle for Outland Bosses

Gok'amok Card Image Flikk Card Image Baduu Prime Card Image Mecha-Jaraxxus Card Image

The Final Test Bosses

Illidan Stormrage Card Image

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