Supremus Strategy - Trial by Felfire Challenges

In the fourth encounter of the chapter "The Big and the Bad", you're fighting Supremus.

Supremus Card Image Volcanic Geyser Card Image

Quick Tips

  • Don't take your low-Health minions to this fight as you would just gift Abyssals to the boss. You might want to avoid Reborn as well for the same reason.
  • Don't go too wide as the boss has the means to punish you for doing so with a variety of AoEs.

Recommended Decks

  • Given the Hero Power and the amount of removal that the boss has, a control deck would be the wisest choice for this fight.

Watch Out For These Cards

Thanks to Supremus' high-Attack minions, Shadowflame is almost certainly going to be a strong spell that can turn the tide of battle if you're not careful.

Walking Fountain if the only form of healing that the boss has (aside from the Armor gain from Looming Presence), but will almost certainly heal for at least 8 when played.

Mortuary Machines will provide you with some potentially unwanted Reborn-tokens, which the boss can exploit with his Hero Power. Luckily, Supremus seems rather hesitant of playing them.

Supremus's Deck

This is the deck Supremus uses in the Trial by Felfire Challenges adventure.

Hot Decks for Supremus

Find a community deck to defeat Supremus in the Trial by Felfire Challenges adventure!

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