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An alternative to the quest... you know youre tired of it.

So this is the first deck that im posting. Ive gotta figure out how to make a fancy guide with all the bells and whistles like the ones ive seen on here...  Ive been playing for around 3 years. I straight up won over 500 games and got that golden thrall playing freeze shaman the whole time (Shoutout to Moorabi... thats my dude). You can imagine how many games i had to play to get that done. Im always down to make some weird decks.. and thats all i do. I like being unique and finding success with some wacky stuff. I watch a lot of streamers and ive watched a few of them take a crack at totem shaman over the years. Give it a shot... post a comment.

Who doesnt love a little totem shaman?

Pretty standard and straight forward.

Some cheap damage spells and spell damage minions to help remove early game minions so you can stick your totems.

Some overload/buff cards so you can beef up the totems.

Some splitting axe action so you can copy those beefy totems.

Some Vessina action so you can hit that smooth 3-4 damage lightning storm with the spell damage and buff those totems while you do it.

Hagatha for when you get swarmed and need that clear/wildcard spell. i tried bloodlust instead of hagatha, i like hagatha. but do you.

And a couple of classy serpent wards in there for style points and chip damage.


turn 2 serpent ward, turn 3 serpent ward, turn 4 splitting axe? woooooooooosh.

hope yall enjoy.

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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Would you mind posting your freeze shaman deck? I am very interested, I don't mind if it is outdated.

    • freezeclone's Avatar 75 1 Posts Joined 12/30/2019
      Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

      here you go. i built it from memory for you. ive since dusted a lot of the cards to make newer decks. obviously youll get destroyed if you play this deck in the wild format.... but in standard during the time that the freeze cards were around i probably wont 45-50% of my games played with it. it was a lot of fun.


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