Pure Libram Paladin!

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Hello everyone,

This is my theorycraft for Pure Libram Paladin.

The Librams cards are amazing and speak for themselves.

Paladin lacks a good one drop and the more I think about it, the less I like using Brazen Zealot. DH will kill it for 1 mana. Other classes can also kill it so easily. So let's try this without a one drop minion. 

The early game is made up of the mechs we still have - 2 drops and [Hearthstone Card (Skyclaw) Not Found]. If the Librams become discounted, you should have enough small minions on the board to buff. Of course, you really want to play Aldor Attendant.

Mid-game is the Aldor Peacekeeper to neutralize threats, and Lightforged Zealot for some power. The Aldor Truthseeker is hopefully your swing move on turn 5. The Librams should be cheap by then.

If you fall behind, Consecration plus Libram of Justice should help regain the board.



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