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Theorycrafted version of control hunter. I don't own Zixxor yet, but if I save up enough dust and feel masochistic enough I might craft it.

The goal of this deck is to use Zixxor and Nine Lives to generate a large, large number of Zixxor Primes, then, using Wildtamer and Hunting Party, create an even larger number of Primes. Then, hopefully, playing a Prime each turn will be enough to beat other control opponents in the late game.

Against fast decks this one plans to use the busted dragon cards to slow them down. Rotnest Drake is insanely overpowered, like, so overpowered it threatens the health of the game. Scalerider is a nutty tempo three drop, and sometimes Corrosive Breath tricks people into thinking we're aggro. We also run Khartut, and if all else fails you can use Nine Lives to heal 3.

Last point to touch on is Skydiving Instructor, which I found out about through my experimentations with Combo Hunter. It's a pretty strong deck thinning tool, and pulling depth charge is so dank I can't resist.

But yeah. If I ever end up making this deck I'll do a fuller write-up.

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