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Here's my version of Odd Face Hunter right now.  I started playing this at Rank D9.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  I'll update this if it keeps performing well. 

Here some advice for the deck:


You want to keep one Toxic Reinforcements and a 1-drop minion -- preferably Southsea DeckhandAlleycat is good too.  (Edit - of course - Lowly Squire as well!)  I'll keep other 1-drops if I already have those.  Glacial Shards can help slow that damn Odd DH deck.  You can freeze his face.

On turn 1, ideally you play Southsea Deckhand to pull Patches the Pirate.  Otherwise, play another 1-drop minion.  If you have the coin, you can play a second 1-drop depending on the situation.  Normally I don't play Toxic Reinforcements on turn 1 unless I don't have another play.  If you have the coin, on turn 2 you can play coin, Toxic Reinforcements and HP.   Save Tracking to pull what you need for lethal (or to survive).  Remember, you have five 1-mana beasts to activate Kill Command.  Try to use your HP every turn.



I'm not sure if Eaglehorn Bow is good here, but I'm keeping two for now.   The Emerald Reavers feel great!  Sometimes that 1 extra damage is all you need, along with that 3 damage HP.  One Blackwald Pixie feels good.  It sucks having two in your hand early.  You want to wait till turn 7 to play it anyway.  (Edit - Blackwald Pixie is bad here.  You really want to win by turn 6 anyway.  I put in Wolfrider to replace it for now.)  I have a few 1-off cards to give you extra options for Tracking.  I may try adding one Dire Mole.


I'm 54.5% after 22 games at Ranks D9-D6 with this deck except for one change...I recently took out Brave Archer for the Emerald Hive Queen.  The new version feels much better.  If it keeps up, I'll post another update soon.  Good Luck!

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