Plot-Twist Demo'lock

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a demonlock based around imp tokens mostly. you can use plot twist early game to gain a huge hand advantage by playing soularium followed by plot twist we are able to keep all 3 of the cards.

The Broodmothers act as healing when we draw them, and then shuffle them back into the deck with plot twist. This of course is not going to happen all the time though and you will often end up with them in your mulligan. The deck is more about having fun and doing crazy thing. The deck does perform well though, just don't be expecting all the crazy stuff to work all of the time.

The rest of the time the deck just really plays like an aggressive demonlock, constantly flooding the board with more tokens, and using vasrious methods to buff up said tokens and go face. 

I did not include Jumbo IMP, as I thought it was counter productive to the plot twist stuff. If you want a decent Jumbo Imp deck, check out the demolock by "Funkimonki" on Hearthpwn.

I do however have sea giants and Leeroy, as they both work really well in the deck. It's very easy to get out a cheap sea giant due to the token/flood style of gameplay, and Leeroy is always a good finisher in any aggressive deck.

If you have any ideas for similar decks, please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. I'm all about playing versions of decks that are not seen much on ladder, does cool and exciting things, but also wins. ha ha. 

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