Mecha'load Shaman.

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My second go at an elemental/mech deck. This time only I included the overload package to a certain degree as well. The deck also has a token thing going on. We do not have the draw murloc, but we could add him as I still have essentially the same amount of activators in this deck, as I have in the others (and like how Helljin runs his Murloc hybrids currently as well, so I know it's not a noob-move, ha ha) The only reason I haven't added it here is to give the deck it's own identity and leave room for different cards. 

I'm not sure whether Hagatha is a good idea. I mean she is great and all, but I'm not sure if she will be needed, this deck is actually really agressive and tend to win off making big boys, one way or another. There are a multitude of ways to make big boards with this deck as well. Another card that could be added is rockbiter weapon though, as this can be great with zentimo. I think Earthen Might is better in this case though, especially when you have Elementals in the deck that can get you the full value of the card.

I feel this to be the best version of the deck so far though, and the addition of Sn1p Sn4p allowed me to cut soul of the murlocs as well, and lean into the mechs even more as we have the ability to make ultra sticky boards with this and Replicating menace anyway, I don't think that soul of the murloc is needed. however running one copy with electra in a deck is always great as you can get a double sticky board no problem. I mean I tend to like to keep her to use with bloodlust n an aggressive deck, but sometimes having double token deathrattles is what you need.

Storm Bringer fits in pretty well here as well as we have token generating cards. you can build more toward token if you want though, this is just 1 version. great thing about shaman right now is that it's pretty open to experimentation as there's not many auto includes. Just have fun with it while trying out OP stuff like magnetize and how sn1p sn4p has direct synergy with the storm bringer and bloodlust decks. The time of mech shaman is upon us. ha ha. 

I think I have probably said enough though, I imagine most of this deck is pretty self explanatory to a degree. We've all played aggro overload and we've all played mech decks.

Just to recap though. other cards I think could be great in the deck are hagatha the witch, rockbiter weapon, soul of the murloc and actually you could even think about running windfury, but tbh you'd be better off making room for hagatha and just getting a copy from her. only issue is she's a slower card, she damages your board and she can often give you nothing useful. I find if the deck is aggressive enough then she's probably dead weight. As we have a bit of token synergy here, hitting your own board could not be an option at times if you're trying to land a storm bringer or electra/bloodlust on a full board or something.

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    Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

    I put soul of the murloc back into the deck because I would like the deck to be as sticky as possible. I know this is not a token deck, but having tokens left behind if stuff gets cleared is beneficial to our game plan. 

    I will see how it goes anyway, as still undecided if I want frogs. If I was to have frogs though, I might be inclined to add another zero cost card for the sake of drawing, and I really doubt I have room for all of those changes. maybe just a storm chaser to grab the bringer or bloodlust will be enough draw. If I start worrying too much about draw, the deck will completely change I feel. 

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    Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

    actually you may want to consider rain of toads as well, but tbh it might be too slow, and also when you include this it leads to wanting to add more things. for example the rain of toads in this style of deck is usually part of a package that includes sunreaver warmage and storm chaser. I don't have room for all that here. I only run the 2 high cost spells purposely so I don't have to run storm chaser. 

    It may end up I need some kind of draw engine though, I currently don't actually have any draw. I may put in frog totems if it makes sense, I don't want to run a tide totem I doubt so not really sure. 


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