Budget Tempo Souls: Demon Hunter

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When the packs are opened and the arcane dust has been settled, who can you look towards when you haven't gotten the Epics and Legendaries for the class you want?

The answer: play Demon Hunter!

"But what if don't want to play Demon Hunter?"

You should because VENGEANCE! IS! VENGEANCE!!!

The core of the deck will be using the new Soul Fragment mechanic introduced in Scholomance Academy. While the occasional healing is nice, especially since we're often using our health to trade while our minions go face, we're really using it to activate Soulshard Lapidary. Spirit Jailer and Marrowslicer are strong cards on their own and could easily be run as is in Tempo builds, especially the latter which can curve into Lapidary or Glaivebound Adept. Soul Shear is optional, especially since we're only running two Lapidaries as is, but it's good for early removal.

While this version doesn't run Guardian Augmerchant, Bonechewer Brawler is a really good 2-drop that shines in an Aggro v. Aggro matchup. Depending on how the meta shapes up, swap out Intrepid Initiate, Manafeeder Panthara and Soul Shear for the tried and true package of Guardian Augmerchant, Beaming Sidekick, and Amani Berserker.

Frozen Shadoweaver is an all-round good card, but if you're running into a lot of Taunts or Rogues with Questing Adventurer and Edwin VanCleef, Magehunter is an appealing tech option. Magehunter is also good against any mirror matchup that plays the Brawler/Berserker package, bypassing any buffed health or Divine Shield.

Mulligan: no matter the enemy class, we are the aggressor, so if it costs one, keep it, and toss everything else. Umberwing and Bonechewer Brawler are good keeps as well.

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