Replicant Hunter (SN1P-SN4P)

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Replicant Hunter is basically bomb hunter with SN1P-SN4P which makes it extra sticky. I don't really know what to put in the write up because everyone knows how to play bomb hunter I'm assuming to some degree. I am still learning the deck myself as I had not played the Bomb version before (I used to play mech hunter in wild, but it was a totally different deck)

I think the deck has a great niche right now in that it keeps the Control and slower and greedier decks in check. The deck will fall flat on it's face VS. aggro a lot because it simply cannot deal with wide board states. You could add explosive trap, but it will weaken the deck in areas it's stronger, so not recommended.

(this can be circumvented somewhat by building what I like to call "Biomech" hunter. I will upload a version of this to show you guys how you can bully control, but have a better chance VS some faster decks as well. it also has amazing single target removal for dealing with mages. I personally think it's probably the best all round Hunter deck, but then I'm biased as I love the dual type decks)

You might want to consider having some way of destroying a lot of bombs at once. We have Mossy Horror, but it's an expensive card. I don't know how often you'll ever get to play necro into a board full of bombs and then mossy them the next turn. it would be a glorious combo if it works though.

I guess that you will be able to pull this off to some degree with the missile launcher though as well, I am still testing the deck though, or at least I'm new to it so I don't know everything it can do yet. I only have 1 x necro at the moment as like I said I don't know what I'm doing with it properly. As soon as I can I'm gonna craft a 2nd though. 

EDIT: took out 1 bomb toss for mossy horror as I feel we need another way of detonating bombs. it might be too slow, but if you play flark on 9, or have some other way of making bombs for turn ten, you can combo necro and mossy for a lot of face damage.

I only removed 1 copy of bomb toss as I was really unsure what to remove for mossy. I am relatively new to bomb hunter, and have not played a ton of games with the deck yet neither, so I don't feel comfortable taking out any of the mechs. Bomb toss is great, but it felt like removing one copy would cause the least disruption.

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