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I don't usually make guides, or even post my decks, but I got bored so I decided to do this thing.

Every expansion I mess around with what I call Machine Gun Hunter. It's never something ranked viable, but I think it's a really fun archetype... just blasting opponents with dozens of arrows.

This time around, however, things got pretty... consistent. I made three decks out of this idea, but they're almost the same. I created the deck's "package", and you can build it around anything else, really. I don't usually make use of a deck tracker, but if you can believe my word, I'm sitting on a 37/35 winrate in each of the three decks, so basically 50%. That is counting experimentation, so pretty nice for a meme, albeit I know it's a fairly small sample. The road was pretty bumpy at first, but I guess it's one of those things you get better at the more you do it.

Also, the deck's best against control, and I didn't encounter much aggro decks, so that helped. No, really, this can kill Highlander Priest and Armor Warrior, if you plan ahead and play it right.

So, without further ado...


The main deck is just Vereesa Windrunner, Arcane Shot, Rapid Fire, Kill Command, and Tracking. Theoretically you can build any deck and put those as a finisher. Btw, some people do'nt like Tracking very much, but for a combo deck, it's completely busted. Just always keep Vereesa... I won a few matches just from pressure, and all the burst spells, but... it's a funnier win with her :)

Then, to make it more consistent, we got Sphere of Sapience and Lorekeeper Polkelt. Sphere is SO good guys, I guess any scry effects in a game like Hearthstone is really busted. Try to not use polkeit if you have Vereesa in hand, because all you burst are small spells. He's mostly used to find Vereesa IF you have plenty of damage on hand.

Also, for all variations I found Marked Shot is a really nice card. It provides removal, and I'd say a pretty good chance you'll find either burst, or a tracking.

It really helps if you can throw in as much draw as you can, because well, combo deck and all. So two Loot Hoarders are a nice inclusion. In this specific variation, I also put in two Big Ol' Whelps, and it has yet to disappoint me.


For this specific variation, I focused on dragon synergy, and "getting a 1 cost spell from you class", making it a little bit more value oriented.

Demon Companion - it's here to provide something for you to play in earlier turns, but really it was an activator for spellburst effects I tinkered early on, for example that one dragon that gives you two class spells. It didn't work. Soft spot.

Corrosive Breath - Amazing burst, which actually inspired this specific version. Remember to keep a dragon in hand. Variation staple.

Primordial Explorer - Good value, poison effects are amazing and can mess your opponents turn, or just make them waste removal/burst. Variation staple.

Rotnest Drake - I don't really need to say how good this is. Good body, good effect, any dragon hunter should use it. Variation staple.

Wandmaker - It's a good minion. I think the only bad spell you could get is that one epic that buffs beasts. It's not a staple, but I like it. Soft spot.

Big Ol' Whelp - Helps with card draw, and has a solid body. You don't need it, but it's good. Soft spot.

Cobalt Spellkin - Again, 1 mana spells are nice, and it's a dragon. If you take this out, take Wandmaker out as well. It could get jeallous, y'know. Soft spot.

Malygos - More burst, has won me games. Not needed. It comes way too late, actually, BUT it's guaranteed dragon synergy for Breath and Drake... It felt wrong to not include this bad boy, that's it. Soft spot.


You want Sphere, and your small minions in hand, Demon Companion too if you didn't cut it, and tracking. You have to strategize your turns in advance, so keeping burst could be a viable option as well. Keeping Vereesa is inadvisable, she only comes down in turn 7 at best, and you can't even use your spells on that turn.

When you Track, you gotta pick the best option for the match. Dumping a Malygos and a Whelp for a Rapid Fire is almost always your best course of action. Remember those things do 6 damage for 2 mana when you get [Hearthstone Card (Thori'dal) Not Found].


There are plenty of soft spots in the deck, and you can do whatever you want with then. You can try a typical dragon hunter deck, with Elusive dragons and the dragon weapon. Maybe throw in a Bonechewer Brawler or two to get better against aggro. But it's a combo deck in it's essence, it should be losing to aggro. Just remember we want to activate our Breath.

It's more of a fun deck than a constructed one, so I do not advise crafting anything if you lack the dust.

...Well that's it I guess, I could edit the guide later if needed. Please post your ideas in the comments if you have any. Remember to have fun!!!


The other decks are and

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