Noth (Heroic) Deck: Post-Mortem

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This is an old deck for an old adventure. I believe that this deck will probably need to be fine-tuned. I will probably adjust this deck soon. If you make suggestions then I will do it sooner. Perhaps elements and ideas from this deck can be useful for the next list. I don't see many decks for this purpose so I feel okay posting this. (There were zero Noth decks on this site before this deck)


Welcome to my 2016 Heroic Noth the Plaguebringer deck.

So this is the point where I tell you that I am a triple legendary player... well, I am never seen legend rank and if you are then you probably don't need this deck.

Noth's hero power is crazy powerful so just don't play minions...

Take note that Noth plays abominations and Unstable Ghouls and that does help the board wipes.  If you ping the Unstable Ghoul early in the game that can help set up a chain reaction when you kill the Abomination though Flamestrike doesn't need this.  Still something to think about.

This deck is straight forward, cast spells to face, clear board and use Kazen Mystic to grab a suspected important secret (ice block).  Watch out for counter spell.  Noth seems to play only a few secrets at a time if this changes dramatically then swap out Kazen Mystic for secret eater.

Strickly Threat Removal:Doomsayer/Frost Nova,BlizzardFlamestrikeAnomalusKezan Mystic ( to open lethal or to flip the Counterspell)

Anyways, good luck to you

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