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Big Prismatic Duel Paladin w/ Sphere

Last updated 1 week, 1 day ago
  • Archetype Big Paladin
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Just For Fun
  • Views 186
  • Crafting Cost 15720
  • Your Cost 15720
SunburstWolfgang's Avatar Registered User 1

Hey everyone!  I ran into one of these so I tried to make it.  Yep, this is another MEME deck, so please DON'T CRAFT it!

But, it's been a blast.  This may be my new favorite archetype over Big/Recruit Warrior!  But I'm sure it needs work.  Many similar decks run Call to Adventure, and I'm just not a fan of that card.  I think there are better options.

I'll post some card explanations later.  The high roll is to play Prismatic Lens, and it pulls a Big minion along with a 0-cost spell.  Then you can play the minion right away.  It feels great!

Archmage Vargoth can help you high roll with several options in this deck.  The obvious one is to pull it w/ Commencement, but there are other good plays too.

Keymaster Alabaster is in here for fun.  Don't craft him.  Just sub in another Big minion.

Sphere of Sapience feels great in these decks.  I really like that card.

Make sure to only have Big minions on the board when you use Redemption

I'll try to update soon.  Good Luck!

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