[Duels] Rush Bruiser Warrior (Darkmoon Faire)

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Hearthstone Duels Choices

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Hero Power
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Use your hero power to get an extra attack each turn, you can use the hero power to enrage Grommash Hellscream after playing it and then attack face as a finisher, hit stealth minions, attack past taunt and even attack while frozen! The Hero power is very strong with Doctor Krastinov and Brewster, the Brutal as you can get multiple weapon buffs or rush minions out straight away after playing them.

Tent Trasher is a new addition, I needed some more rush minions for Brewster and with the addition of Bumper Car to help with that too, you have a few different tribes in the deck and the 1/1 rushes from the Bumper Car help damage targets for Execute and clear minions after playing Barov. Lord Barov is a pretty reliable and cheap board clear for just 3 mana (with use of the hero power) as long as he hits something with 2 attack or more.

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