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I've been running this deck for a while now, adding and cutting cards here and there, but the core remained pretty much the same. It just works for me, sporting a roughly 60-65% win rate from Bronze10 to Legend. It is very well suited against aggro, but basically it can win against everything, main weakness being anti-control ultra greedy value decks, like the Shaman I faced the other day with Archivist Elysiana. It's just near impossible to outvalue them, but luckily they take up only .1% of the meta. The deck has a real fighting chance against the current cancer top dog, Evolve Shaman as well.


Cards breakdown

Athletic Studies: it's just a really good curve filler, often creating 2-for-1 trades with the discovered minion.

Risky Skipper: the card does not need much introduction, it's just good for board clear, it has synergies with Armorsmith, Battle Rage, Bomb Wrangler, Lord Barov and Grommash Hellscream for a finisher.

Shield Slam: good removal tool, against slower decks you can often accumulate enough armor to get rid of a big threat, against aggro often just the 2 Armor from Hero Power is enough to kill a minion.

Sky Raider: Pharaoh Cat for Pirates. Excellent T1 drop and curve filler later in the game.

Stage Dive: good if you need some fast removal. Sometimes it can be important to corrupt it, but most of the time it won't matter. You can save it for Kargath Prime.

Whirlwind: one-time Risky Skipper, has many synergies.

Armorsmith: anti-aggro tool. Don't be afraid to drop it naked on T2 for a little bit of tempo if needed.

Battle Rage: one of the best draw tools in the game, often drawing 3+ cards.

Corsair Cache: sometimes you are just unlucky and draw both weapons before you can play this. But otherwise a great card.

Minefield: almost always a keep. Solid early game removal.

Ancharrr: just a solid weapon. Can help find Kobold Stickyfinger in times of need.

Bladestorm: good option aganst boards with small junk or a T3 12/12 Edwin VanCleef.

Bomb Wrangler: this card is just so good. Your opponent will try to get rid of it in the least number of steps possible, often baiting premium removals. If not removed directly (with stuff like Shadow Word: Pain), it's at worst a 3 mana 3/4 deal 1. At best a 3 mana 5/6 deal 12...

Coerce: a more flexible Execute. The +1 mana cost is often irrelevant.

EVIL Quartermaster: 3 mana 2/3 gain 3 and a lackey. Just plain strong.

Livewire Lance: good removal + value tool. Ideal with Corsair Cache.

Lord Barov: premium board clear with Risky Skipper, Whirlwind and Bladestorm, and to some extent Minefield.

Shield Block: standard Warrior draw and survival tool.

Kargath Bladefist: really good fast removal early, and fast removal + survivability late. Sometimes it's worth saving Stage Dive for Kargath Prime.

Restless Mummy: it's just good. Can deal 8 with corrupted Stage Dive.

Sword Eater: a Fiery War Axe with a 1 mana 2/5 Taunt. Nothing more to say, really strong card.

Brawl: standard Warrior mass removal.

Deathwing, Mad Aspect: another removal for small to medium boards, sometimes with a 12/x sticking on board. Premium.

Grommash Hellscream: can be a good finisher with the self-damaging effects. Sometimes it's just oke to kill something with it and forcing a removal from your opponent, creating a sweet 2-for-1. Sometimes it's just oke to drop it on T8 on an empty board and go 4 face.

Rattlegore: the bane of slower decks without silence/transform effects. Sometimes wins the game on the spot.

Zephrys the Great: obvious highlander card. Recently it started not to offer the exact card I wanted, idk maybe it's just me.. It's an auto-include anyway.

Kobold Stickyfinger: good against Evolve Shamans, occasional Bomb Warriors, Paladins of every kind, and in general against any weapon class. Make sure to use the stolen weapon as everyone is running around with at least one copy of this nowadays.

Khartut Defender: a recent addition, it is a perfect taunt/heal option for the 6 mana slot.

Silas Darkmoon: it took a fair amount of time to get used to this card, but it can be incredibly good. Try to save a lackey or other insignificant minion for it. Worst case you can drop him naked on T7, giving your opponent a 4/4 but simetimes it's worth it. Try to think ahead and place your weakest minions to the sides of your board.

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza: obvious late game highlander bomb.

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