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Apart from DR Hunter, one of my favourite decks in meta right now. Highest i ever got with it was #31 Legend in EU few days ago. Deck is build around raiding party which is engine and heart of this interesting take on tempo rogue.

First lets talk about general keeps. Keep raiding party every time, keep prep if u already have raiding party. Also my suggestion is to keep Myra's unstable element every time against everything you play because card is insane in this deck. You get out of cards pretty quickly and it has very good sinergy with Faldorei Strider.

It is gaining popularity recently because it does pretty well against midrange hunter, most popular deck in the game, and its good against priest too. Against midrange hunter keep backstab, si, thug, and ofcourse cards i already mentioned above. Try to get swing turns in early game with si/backstab to kill razormaw or dire mole combined with dagger. Shadowblade does pretty well with deadly to kill misha or leok without taking damage + 0 mana 3/3 taunt is sweet if you drew it. Go for the highest tempo play every turn, save saps for Savanah Highmanes and i will say again keep myra even against aggro decks like mid hunter because its just insane.

Against priest usually tempo rogue is favorable because thug is 4/4 on turn 3, faldorei is 4/4 on turn 4, spiders are all 4/4 and it gets really annoying for priest to remove these minions. Also there are vilespine slayers and saps which are insane against wall priest or getting rid of big taunts in control priest as primordial drake is. Be aware of hysteria and scream tho. If you play well against those you should do pretty well against priests.

Odd warrior/odd control mage/odd paladin.. those are decks you are trying to avoid q into, but its not impossible to win, you just need good hand and hope they dont.

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