Dragon Murloc Paladin

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This is an aggressive murloc paladin deck with dragon synergy that allows you to use cards like Tasty Flyfish and Skyfin.  Having too many dragons makes the murloc synergy inconsistent, so amalgams are used to provide both dragon and murloc synergy at the same time.  

Key Cards

Redscale Dragontamer Card Image 
This will draw dragons for you and help activate your dragon synergy murlocs.

Tasty Flyfish Card Image
This can buff your dragons, including amalgams.

Skyfin Card Image

Using dragon synergy, Skyfin can create large boards of murlocs for you.

Nightmare Amalgam Card Image Circus Amalgam Card Image

These provide both dragon synergy and when played synergize with murlocs as well.  These cards really make this type of multi tribe deck work well.

Finja, the Flying Star Card Image
Pulls out large boards for you, with the addition of the amalgams it can highroll even more than in previous expansions by pulling out large bodies like Circus Amalgams.

Scalelord Card Image
Provides dragon synergy and makes your murloc boards harder to remove.

Gentle Megasaur Card Image
Buffs your entire murloc board, very versatile and powerful card.

Loatheb Card Image
Used to prevent removals on key turns to help protect your board.

Brann Bronzebeard Card Image
Synergies with SkyfinGentle MegasaurLoatheb, and Coldlight Seer.


This deck plays out similarly to aggro murloc paladin, with less early game explosiveness but with more midgame power in terms of board protection and board generation.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about this deck please comment below.  Hope you enjoy this deck, it was more interesting to play than regular aggro murloc paladin for me. 

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