Throw Glaive OTK Demon Hunter

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I think this might've been done before, but I decided to revive the concept once more. You basically want to OTK your opponent with Throw Glaive and Wrathscale Naga. But how? This is how you do it.

  1. Play Emperor Thaurissan and Drakkari Enchanter in one turn.
  2. On the OTK turn, first play Generous Mummy and move it to your opponent with Silas Darkmoon. This is key to further reduce the Cost of your combo. (They should cost (1) and (5) Mana after step 1, respectively)
  3. Play Necrotic Geist(It will cost (3).)
  4. Play one or two Wrathscale Naga. (She will cost (0).)
  5. Play Throw Glaive on Target Dummy or another friendly minion that somehow has 2 or less Health.
  6. Continue playing Throw Glaive on 2/2 tokens from Geist until your opponent is dead. (This works because of (0) Cost Glaives.)

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