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Hi guys,

Today I came up with very strong and easy to pilot MECH HUNTER.

Game plan:

This deck is pure aggro, it's important to play on curve and do as many damage as possible.

The best way to do it to make huge boards and buff them with Metaltooth Leaper but be aware of Spreading Plague or Defile while doing so.


For the mulligan you want to keep cheap cards like Cogmaster and any mech to follow it up.

You also want to keep Mechwarper and Galvanizer , because you can make your whole hand very cheap and that helps you to make very strong boards.

Replacements :

This deck is generally very cheap considering that SN1P-SN4P is free.

Zilliax is card that you should have anyways, if you dont its one of safest crafts that you can do considering that a lot of decks include him.

If you dont have Zilliax you could replace him with some other mech like Enhance-o Mechano or any other mech.


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