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This is a decktype I'm dubbing Shuffle Hunter: the goal of the deck revolves around shuffling cheap but impactful beasts into the deck, either through Sunscale Raptor's effect or using Dire Frenzy, then pulling them back out either through discovering them with Selective Breeder and/or Warsong Wrangler, or drawing them with Scavenger's Ingenuity.

There's also the synergy of Tavish Stormpike followed by a Tame Beast (Rank 2), pulling out Zixor, Apex Predator, which also pulls out Oasis Thrasher. There's the 10 mana option of Tavish with Tame Beast (Rank 3) pulling Trampling Rhino which pulls out Krolusk Barkstripper, but I think the deck wants to snowball with stats sooner rather than later.

Krolusk is more or less just a 4 Mana Beast that I threw in to get value off of Tavish + Trampling Rhino, though with how many cheap spells there are in the deck, it's not a bad card to have. If you don't have a copy, Circus Amalgam is a perfectly fine replacement, and is a decent choice to put as a roadblock against aggro.

Ideal mulligan: Sunscale Raptor, Wolpertinger, Headhunter's Hatchet, Scavenger's Ingenuity, Selective Breeder. Overwhelm and Wound Prey if you suspect you're fighting Aggro.

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