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Hi guys I'm an italian player who plays mostly wild. Today I decided to share a version of my all-time favourite deck archetype: Mill Rogue.

For those who don't know, a Mill Deck is a deck whose strategy is to burn your opponet's cards by making him draw cards while he already has more than 10 in his hand. Minions destroyed this way don't go on a sort of "Graveyard" and therefore cannot be resurrected by spells nor activate their deathrattles.


1) This is not a meta deck so don't expect it to be a deck that can easily bring you to Legend! I personally use it to have some fun when I already reached rank 5, 10 or 15. Please don't go on the comment section and complain about your losses, it's normal.

2) Feel free to make suggestions on how to modify this deck, this is not a final version. I usually use 2 Gang Up but here on your right I have decided to put two of the new rogue's spell: Togwaggle's Scheme. I did it because this is going to be the next version I'm going to use once the new expansion goes live.


Deck Strategy:

We already said that we want to burn our oppent's cards, but how?

It's very simple, we are going to abuse Coldlight Oracle's effect of making both players draw 2 cards. This will help us reach our goal very fast.

But before that, we have to try to survive. This is why I like to put the taunt-deathrattle package: Deathlord, Rottlen Applebaum and Sludge Belcher. The first one is a solid turn 2/3 play that can put a big wall in front of your opponent and also reduces his deck size when it dies. Rotten Applebaum is also a good taunt minion that can block some damage and also restore some HP. And lastly Sludge Belcher, a minion that takes at lest two minion's attack to be destroyed. This will help us stall until we draw all our main cards. N'Zoth is also a backup plan in case we are facing an aggressive deck since making him draw cards is not a good idea. I suggest to add some form of healing since Rogues usually take a lot of damage. Antique Healbot and Zilliax will be very usefull.

We also want to make our deck bigger to not use our main weapon against us. This is why we use 2 Gang Ups (or Togwaggle's Scheme, read the second disclaimer) and a Lab Recruiter. Both help us adding more Oracles or N'Zoth's to our deck.

Both Valeera the Hollow and Brann are a must if we want to make our Oracles shine ( you can also craf it golden so it will shine even more). Plus Valeera can hide us from direct damage for a turn.


Card Choices:

  • Elven Minstrel: a card that lets you find your oracles or taunts.
  • Zilliax: Fine removal, restores some health and is a taunt.
  • Vilespine Slayer: good removal that goes very well with Valeera's Hero Power.
  • Preparation: broken with Vanish and a fine combo activator for Elven Minstrel
  • Backstab: Usually our turn 1 and 2 are not very intresting since we only use our Hero Power. By adding this card we have an early removal and combo activator.



Hope you enjoyed the deck :)

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