Big Spell Mage (Witchwood)

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Hello everyone, this deck was the deck i used to climb to legend from rank 14 in Witchwood Expansion. In the current meta this deck is still viable with good match ups such as paladins and warlocks. Odd warrior can be a good matchup if you draw frost lich jaina in time. Priest is a big problem, skulking geist helps against wall priest and cloning galary priest but its not good enough most of the time.
For mulligan against aggro i would keep dragons fury and early minions such as plated beetle, ooze and stonehill defender. Frost lich jaina is a good keep if you think you can beat the earlygame
Against control Frost Lich Jaina is the hard mulligan card. Some cards to consider are ooze against a weapon class and geist against combo decks like druid.

Some of the cards are outdated and there are more refined decks but i loved this deck when i made it so i thought i would share it here.

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