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Hello Everyone. I created this deck during WitchWood Times but the deck is still performing really well. You can change most of the cards from this deck and it will still be pretty good because of the amount of powerful stuff this deck can do is insane. I'm pretty sure there are better versions of RenoLock out there that are way better for climbing. But this deck is so satisfying to play.
For mulligan keep reno against aggro and some control cards such as defile and dark bomb. Against control keep Skull of the Manari and Voidcaller.

Some powerful combos:

Cubelock stuff, Get doomguard or any other demon and cube it with umbra and win the game on spot most of the time.

Sylvanas plus shadowflame to steal enemies Tirion

Voidlords and N'zoth

Mal'Ganis is great with Void Lord since it buffs the Voidwalkers.

Tap and Mountain Giant

Deck is easy to tinker so if the current meta contains alot of aggro you can change some tech cards like spellbreaker or loatheb for control cards and it will be better against aggro. Same thought process goes against control.

Enjoy the deck!

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