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This is my first deck I am really satisfied with. I am still in the main field of Hearthstone players, but my first challanges ended quite promising. It's also relatively cheap (I am a f2p player myself) and should help people who feel stuck around Level 20. My other favoutite classes are Warlock and Rogue, but I am still working on them ...

Yes, it's a self-made deck. What's the jist of it?

The idea is, obvously, to use the self-replication power of the  Underbelly Oozes in combination with the buffing abilities of the Priest. Steamboats and Infiltrator are also important for both attack and defense. A protected Senora Muerte and Ressurrection keep the critters alive, Holy Nova restrengthens them after hit-and-replicate attacks. The Big Bad Archmage can produce some really helpful minions, and a Mass Hysteria with a group of Oozes and lots of enemy can look pretty amazing ... with varying results.

Vargoth is a nice addition, but somtimes the wrong spell may hit the wrong target ...

As the deck is low on low-cost minions, the first few turns can look a bit discouraging at times, but mostly, the action will get going quick enough.

I hope you have fun with this ... [^_^]



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