The Holy Blademaster Paladin

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The class that can make Blademaster Samuro absolutely massive is Paladin. And, with this deck, Blademaster Samuro might just forsake his demon masters to follow the holy light!

After dropping Samuro and buffing him with Blessing of Authority to deal at least 9 damage to the entire enemy board, it won't be possible to get extra value from him. It would be possible to make a 1/1 copy of him before rushing in with Gift of Luminance, but the Divine Shields will actually make it difficult to trigger his Frenzy effect. And, to get value from the second copy, you'll have to buff it up before it can survive damage to trigger his Frenzy.

Still, a single, massive Samuro will likely be sufficient to overwhelm opponents when paired with the ridiculously strong Holy Libram package, which will be even cheaper to play with help from Cariel Roame. She's actually the reason Gift of Luminance still made the cut.

One card that probably should be in here, but we couldn't bear to include due to his annoying voice lines is Pen Flinger. If you want to get the full potential from the Libram package alongside an easy Frenzy activator for Blademaster Samuro even if you do give him Divine Shield, you could toss in a couple copis of "Hey Loser! Wasn't me!" Libram of Judgment, Argent Braggart, or even Veteran Warmedic are all potential candidates for him to replace. Have fun showing Blademaster Samuro the light!

We'll be experimenting with this on day one of the expansion, so come join the experiments at if you'd like to see the chaos unfold on day 1. If you're looking for other experimental decks with Bru'kan, Blademaster Samuro, or Mankrik to play on day 1, check out 10 others at or down below. Have fun experimenting!

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