Death's Claws Blademaster Demon Hunter

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Here's a crazy Demon Hunter meme deck! Death's Claw Blademaster is designed to make use of targeted card draw tools to give Blademaster Samuro and Kurtrus Ashfallen a chance to make a big impact very efficiently.

The idea is to use Tuskpiercer to draw the only Deathrattle minions, Claw Machine, from the deck early on. Dropping the Claw Machines will allow you to draw the only other minions, Samuro and Ashfallen, from the deck while giving them +3/+3. If the Claw Machine stuck to the board for a turn, or you play it on turn 10 to draw Kurtrus Ashfallen, he'll get drawn into an Outcast position for you to benefit from his Outcast effect right away.

But, while it's cool to get extra value from these Legendaries, that's not likely to be enough to close out the game. So, with a little bit of Lifesteal and weapon buffs alongside a remarkable amount of card draw, it shouldn't be difficult to piece together C'Thun, the Shattered to close out the game.

And hey, if you drew Samuro or Ashfallen before playing the second Claw Machine, it can pull C'Thun from the deck for you once you shuffle him in. Have fun surprising opponents with surprising synergies!

We'll be experimenting with this on day one of the expansion, so come join the experiments at if you'd like to see the chaos unfold on day 1. If you're looking for other experimental decks with Bru'kan, Blademaster Samuro, or Mankrik to play on day 1, check out 10 others at or down below. Have fun experimenting!

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