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Reno NewBorn Mage (Miracles of Reno & Khadgar)

Last updated 1 year, 5 months ago
  • Archetype Reno Mage
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 1466
  • Crafting Cost 21820
  • Your Cost 21820
Esparanta's Avatar Supporter 8


      A Reno deck with Khadgar? You are not dreaming, a miracle is born right there: Reno Newborn Mage. I named the deck as Reno Newborn Mage because you will give birth to lots of minions, and endless Miracle/Summon shenanigans you will see along the way.


(Miracles can happen with Dragon Paladin!)



      You need to follow two main tactics:

      1. Miracle: In Hearthstone, Miracle strategies rely on utilizing lots of spells for something good. In this deck, you need to do...

      2. Summon: Don't worry, Miracles don't end here. Khadgar will show you that all is not lost. Have a look at some shenanigans:

  • Khadgar + Unexpected Results = Best opening on turn 5. Five minions on turn 5, so give your opponent a high five :D
  • Khadgar + Archmage Vargoth>>Molten Reflection = Fill your board with Vargoths and Khadgars, which can be far more disgusting than Big Priest outplays if not dealt next turn, I will tell you that much.
  • Khadgar + Kazakus Summon Potions = If you get 10-Mana potion(s), discount them before playing with Khadgar to refill your board.


(All is not lost, always believe in Miracles!)



      I advise you to read this part if you want to learn the basics of Summon/Miracle strategies better. In order to do so, we need to have a look at some cards:



     Don't you have some cards? Then, have a look at the table:




      With reasons for replacements down below:

  • Jan'alai, the DragonhawkIt's alright if you don't have her. You can replace this cute birdie and its sprirt with Mountain Giant and Conjurer's Calling to abuse well-known Summon strategy hard, which can be bested with Khadgar.
  • Brann BronzebeardWhatever your reason may be, I recommend to add him into your collection because he is very versatile. However, if you can't have him for some reason, replace him with any card. I personally prefer Archmage Arugal if you have him because having an extra copy of a Summon minion can turn the tides around.
  • Stargazer LunaIt's alright if you don't have her. Any "card-draw" card should do the trick but I prefer Raven Familiar because of the Big Spell synergies this deck has.
  • Exotic Mountseller: If you feel that you can't utilize her well, swap her with any card. Maybe our Miracle King, Yogg, will serve you well.

     That's all for this deck. If you have any questions, ask me right away. Have fun in Wild format!

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  • Mikwits's Avatar 280 24 Posts Joined 03/29/2019
    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    I love Reno mages, but at the moment the fact is that this deck can't win priests, which makes this almost unplayable right now if you want to play ladder. At rank 13 I faced three priests in a row: Big priest, Dragon priest and Quest priest. Didn't have any hope against these. Could have won the Quest one, but sadly pulled Obsidian Statue with the Dirty Rat on turn three, which carried the priest the whole game. Can't say anything about other matchups yet.

    Also, who makes a miracle deck without Yogg :D

    • Esparanta's Avatar Supporter HearthStationeer 375 295 Posts Joined 03/26/2019
      Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

      Well, you need to believe in yourself, no matter what you face. Btw, I didn't forget Yogg, it's just that I thought I had lots of late-game cards. If needed, swap Exotic Mountseller with Yogg.

  • dantagonist's Avatar 30 2 Posts Joined 06/27/2019
    Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

    Oh boy do I want to give this a go after work.

    I presume Harrison Jones is just there for weapon removal and can be replaced by an ooze?

    • Esparanta's Avatar Supporter HearthStationeer 375 295 Posts Joined 03/26/2019
      Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

      Thats right. However, your only card-draw will be Stargazer Luna, should Harrison be replaced. Consider it wisely.

      • dantagonist's Avatar 30 2 Posts Joined 06/27/2019
        Posted 1 year, 5 months ago

        Probably about time I crafted him anyway, thanks!


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