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Welcome to the Burning Blade Clan, where this deck embraces the burn of the cards Altar of Fire and Soul Rend to it full potential with Neeru Fireblade for your finisher. This deck utilizes the new core legendary Taelin FordingBADCARDNAME to get Neeru reliably every time or Kazakus, Golem Shaper if you already have him, since this deck doesn't run any minion that is 5 mana or more. Below is a video highlight of my deck played by my favourite streamer SSAlchemist against a mage and paladin.

This deck runs the maximum number of Soul Fragment generator's such as Luckysoul HorderBADCARDNAME and Soul Shear, for later healing and prevent you form burning real cards and makes it safer for you to uses cards such as Soul Rend if you need to and you don't have Neeru. 

Mo'arg Artificer are in the deck to make your Drain Soul to get more lifesteal from it, as well as making your AOEs more powerful such as Soul Rend which will clearing the board.

Kazakus, Golem Shaper is an amazing card for buffing your imps by +4/+4 when picking the 10 mana golem, and you should always try to get this option if you can, but if you need a different golem to clear the board or freeze it don't hesitate to do so and this should be the 5 mana golem. Never pick the 1 mana golem since it doesn't impact the board in anyway, and always make sure Kazakus is active before you play him.

For the mulligan keep all legendries you get, early game removable, and Armor Vendor. Toss your burn stuff as you don't wan't to burn anything until you have Neeru or a lot of soul fragment's in your deck, as well as your Man'ari Mosher and Mo'arg Artificer.


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