[Wild] Arcane Ritual Vargoth Mage

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Meme deck, but pretty reliable. An alternative take to Quest Mage.

You can use this deck to reach Rank 5. No promises above that rank though due to so many aggro archetypes.
Favorable against any Control. Big Priest is autowin.


This deck has only one strategy to win. Stay alive, complete your quest, OTK from hand. The earliest this combo can be performed is on turn 9.

The minimum combo cards are: Time Warp, Archmage Vargoth, Greater Arcane Missiles, and at least 1 Molten Reflection. With these cards, you will get 45 damage.
Drakkari Enchanterboosts the combo above, dealing 81 damage finishing blow, enough to kill most decks.
Alternatively, you can use another Molten Reflection to boost the combo, dealing 63 damage.
The over the top combo though, will use all cards (Time Warp, Archmage Vargoth, Greater Arcane Missiles, 2xMolten Reflection), and Drakkari Enchanter). This deals 117 damage.

To properly get maximum damage, make sure there's no other minion on your board before performing the ritual.

First Turn: Play Time Warp and Archmage Vargoth, then go Extra Turn. If on turn 10, do not ruin Vargoth effect by spending 1 mana left on another spell.

Second Turn: Play both Molten Reflection on Archmage Vargoth, or one if that's what you got. You can use leftover mana for hero power. Do not use that for any spells or minions, so you don't ruin Vargoth effect on copying itself. You can attack minion/face using Vargoth this turn, just don't let this minion die. Hit Extra Turn, now you have 6 (if using both Reflection) or 4 Vargoths (if using only one Reflection).

Third Turn: Play Greater Arcane Missiles, Additionally you can play Drakkari Enchanter this turn. Again, you can attack minion/face using Vargoth this turn, just don't let him die. Finish your turn. 

Alternatively you can play another weaker combo around Arcane Giants and Conjurer's Calling. With help of Time Warp, you can get lethal damage, but only if your opponent doesn't have taunts.


Basically, pick cards that helps you towards finishing your Quest. It's your only win condition. Stay alive while doing so.

vs Control/Combo you can play slower, keep Coldlight Oracle and Research Project. Use those cards to burn their combo/important cards.

vs Aggro this deck is fairly vulnerable. You need to stall until you get all your combo pieces. Keep Frost Nova and Blizzard. You can also keep Ice Blocks.

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  • SionAries's Avatar 155 14 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
    Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi bsenk, thanks for the deck!
    I tried it but I my main issue was that my hand was full and I was not able to consume cards and draw more. Moreover it was hard vs aggro decks.

    I did the following changes and I went from 18 to 14 with a lots of fun :D 

    - 2 Arcane Giant

    - Mad Scientist ( I dont have it)

    - Conjurer's Calling

    - Mana Cyclone (I have only one...)


    + 2 Doomsayer

    +2 Frostbolt 

    + 1 Freezing Potion


    • bsenk's Avatar 145 3 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
      Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

      Your changes are fine, fit with the spirit of the deck.. I've already tried those too. Tbh the win rate is more or less the same. 

      The giants and conjurer are actually flexible spots.
      In my list I use those cards just to get another alternative win condition, but with less means of survival.

      Adding other survival cards improves your chance to stall the game until you get your combo, but you won't have any alternative win condition at all. Some players prefer this approach because they feel it gives the deck more consistency.

      Some notable cards to fill in the spot:
      - board clears: Doomsayer, Volcanic Potion. Doomsayer is particularly good coupled with Freezing Potion
      - freezes: preferably the low cost ones. You're on the right direction here. The low costs complement Mana Cyclone very well.
      - debuffs : Polymorph, Ironbeak Owl.

      Regarding Mad Scientist, the card is there to consistently pull Ice Block from the deck. For me Ice Block is the MVP of the deck. If you play wild often, the card is a safe craft, useful in many secret based decks used by Mages, Paladins, or even Hunters. You should give it a try.


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