Dragon Libram

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I wanted to play a midrange Libram paladin without the secret package, so I built this.

It does very decent against Face hunters, thanks to consec and samuro. (Facing a lot of them atm.)

It;s surprisingly good vs warlocks since they can't deal with all the divine shield minions you have early/mid-game. Forcing them to play very defensive while you chip them down, then end with your big dragons. (Key being goody-two shields turn 3, since cascading is still uncorrupted.)

Also, you have a TON of healing with libram of hope, the corrupted weapon and alex. Pretty much makes all the aggro decks insta-concede when you heal with anything.

The most important thing is, the element of surprise. Everyone will think you are aggro or secret libram, so play around that.

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