Best Paladin Deck on Ladder right now - Moonfang Egg Paladin

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At first I thought this list was a meme, but after watching Cantelope go like 80% on ladder with it

It has early game, often having complete blowout turns with buffed up crab riders 

It has crazy sticky minions with Cairne and Moonfang and in the absence of many devolves/silences in the game it really is tough for opponents to deal with, bu don't take my word on it...try yourself

I created a video guide to help with mulligans, win conditions, strategies and combos and of course my verdict on the deck


Enjoy... and as always have fun and good luck on ladder

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Teron Gorefiend is a really strong card in this deck as well. I'm using almost the same list and got my win 12 ranked games in a row achievement with it yesterday :)


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