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Professional soldier Markus loses his wife in a grotesque train accident. https://architizer.com/firms/raettfaerdighetens-ryttare/ Called home to Denmark, he tries, to the best of his ability, to handle the grief together with his teenage daughter Mathilde.http://www.liceo-melzocassano.edu.it/community/profile/wrathofman/ It does not go any further, because Markus is a prime example of the common Sammanbitne Mannen on film - a stereotype that is unable to discuss his emotional life and much rather lets his fists speak. He buries himself in beer cans and slaps Mathilde's over-psychologizing boyfriend on the mouth for showing his participation. http://www.liceo-melzocassano.edu.it/community/profile/space-jam-2/ It does not work wonders for the relationship between father and daughter.

When the cowboy statistician Otto shows up and presents a theory that the train disaster was in fact arranged by a motorcycle gang to kill a key witness, Markus gets carte blanche for his violent capital. https://twitter.com/f9ukraine He attacks the criminal gangs with automatic weapons and emphasis.http://www.liceo-melzocassano.edu.it/community/profile/f9-ita In his trailer, in addition to Otto, who himself was on board the doomed train, he has two other more or less highly gifted eccentrics; the mathematician Lennart and the computer genius Ellementhaler.http://www.liceo-melzocassano.edu.it/community/profile/luca/ 

The film's common thread is chance, how it dictates our lives and opposes calculations.https://f9-korea.webflow.io/ If Mathilde's mother had not got the wrong car, they would not have had to take the train that morning, and if Otto had not offered a modern seat, https://xemphimvietsub.webflow.io/phim/f9 he himself would have ironed instead. Before and after the accident, endless chains of events extend in time, they correlate with and affect each other but can never be tamed with a simple calculation. You have to relate to that insight or to go crazy, roughly.https://xemphimvietsub.webflow.io/phim/wrath-of-man

Anders Thomas Jensen created during the late nineties and (and early twenties) Danish popular cultural history with films such as "In China the dogs chew" and "Flashing green lanterns". https://xemphimvietsub.webflow.io/phim/the-conjuring-3-the-devil-made-me-do-it Grabby action comedy with black humor and a rare empathy for the genre proved to be a winning formula. "The Danes' response to Tarantino" howled some critics when it went. It was then supposedly referring to the coexistence of reckless violence and subtle dialogue.https://xemphimvietsub.webflow.io/phim/black-widow

In its best moments, it is rather the touching care of the characters that elevates Jensen's films to their own level, his protagonists really want to hug - or at least communicate and realize themselves - https://xemphimvietsub.webflow.io/phim/kenshin-final-chapter but are helplessly cemented in their (male) roles. When the psychological sharpness of the personal portraits is interspersed with larger than life stories and deafening pang-pang, a distinct tone emerges.https://xemphimvietsub.webflow.io/phim/my-hero-academia-world-heroes-mission

In any case, this is not an exercise in vulgar nostalgia, but rather a kind of loving return visit where the main purpose is to entertain. Jensen has gathered the whole old guard (minus Kim Bodnia) with Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas in the lead, https://fastandfurious9jp.webflow.io/film/wairudosupido-zietutobureiku-dong-hua and it is clear that the group of friends has had fun at work. That joy is contagious, even when it is a small puberty. https://fastandfurious9jp.webflow.io/film/ying-hua-wairudosupido-zietutobureiku-nohurudong-hua-wowu-liao-deguan-rareru

The wheel is already invented. Instead, we embark on a bizarre revenge tour where the villain is piled high while each individual character is given the opportunity to be freed from their own personal https://fastandfurious9jp.webflow.io/film/wairudosupido-zietutobureiku-netabare trauma and slapstick mingles with daring and quasi-philosophical theory buildings about causality. Nice? Yes, but actually. https://fastandfurious9jp.webflow.io/film/wairudosupido-zietutobureiku-nodong-hua-shi-ting-arasuzi

The story of Emilio D'Alessandro is like taken from a movie. At the age of 18, he decides to leave his hometown of Cassino in Italy to seek his fortune in Britain. He moves to London, https://fastandfurious9jp.webflow.io/film/ying-hua-wairudosupido-zietutobureiku-huru struggles between different jobs to finally get a job at a car repair shop thanks to his accuracy and punctuality. It also turns out that he is extremely skilled behind the wheel and soon a seed is sown for a dream in racing, more specifically Formula 1. But fate has a different plan for the young Emilio.https://fastandfurious9jp.webflow.io/film/wairudosupido-zietutobureiku-chui-ti-ban-woguan-ru

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