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   So the deck is based on the priest questline [/Seek Guidance] that requires you to play cards costing 2 mana all the way up to 8 mana. After each quest is completed you get to discover a card from your deck with further helps you to stay in the curve you need to stay in. For example, if you just completed the first quest and u happen to have no 5 cost card you can try to look and pick a 5 drop so you can complete your next quest faster. Also, each card in this deck is very strategically put in it because they are very defensive and controlling so you can survive for late game when your deck shines. An example of the perfect curve is :

  [/Seek Guidance] --> [/Renew] --> [/Palm Reading] --> [/Void Shard] --> [/Taelan Fordring] --> [/Lightshower Elemental] --> [/Elekk Mount] --> [/Mo'arg Forgefriend].

  My mindset when I play this deck is that I have a card that just wins so I have to get to it as fast as I can while I also control the board and make sure I don't just die next turn :D

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