Lifesteal Damage DH Combo

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Combines Il'gynoth with, the new legendary from United in Stormwind, Jace Darkweaver, for a powerful finisher, while you use your Fel lifesteal spells both to control the board and to charge up Jace Darkweaver.

Use cost reduction cards like the new questline, Final Showdown, good old Emperor Thaurissan and an outcasted Skull of Gul'dan, that both draws and discounts, to be able to put down the combo. Sigil of Alacrity and SI:7 Skulker also help out with some further reductions.

With enough reductions you should be able to combo out at least one Mo'arg Artificer, or even Bloodmage Thalnos for a bit of an extra punch.

The combo alone might not OTK the opponent depending on the number of targets for all the lifesteal spells, so make sure to soften up the opponent’s face with Aldrachi Warblades and Stiltstepper, before you put down the combo.

Taelan Fordring will help you draw Jace Darkweaver, Emperor Thaurissan or Il'gynoth, which you’ll want for the combo, and also protect your face against aggro.


Aggro: Keep removal tools like, Felscream Blast, Aldrachi Warblades, Eye Beam, Chaos Leech. The spells are very good in combination with a Mo'arg Artificer. You can definitely sacrifice the Mo'arg Artificers in an aggro matchup as you’ll mostly be looking to survive and run them out of resources. Forget about trying for the combo, unless you happen to have it in hand and can guarantee lethal.

Control/Combo: Keep card draw and focus on drawing cards and reducing costs to assemble the combo as soon as possible. Make sure there are enough minions to target for your Fel spells before throwing the combo down.

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