Questline Priest (with Reno, Dragons and no spells)

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Welcome to yet another deck guide, this time I present to you a wild questline priest.

First of all let's talk about the cost distribution in the deck, as you can see there are:

  • 5 cards each for costs 2 to 4 (first part of the quest)
  • 4 cards each for costs 5 and 6 (second part of the quest)
  • 3 cards each for costs 7 and 8 (last part of the quest)

The idea is that the longer the game lasts the higher the chances are to have a particular card in your hand, that means that we don't need as many high-cost cards because by the time we need to play them we are likely to have already drawn them, on the contrary, there is an abundance of low-cost cards to increase the odds of drawing them in the early game. There is also some card generation/draw in the deck to improve our chances of getting a specific cost card to fill the curve.

Let's now examine the actual cards that are in the deck.

First of all you might have noticed there are no spells in the deck, that's because the main idea is to use High Abbess Alura to cheat out the Purified Shard once the quest is completed. To activate the spellburst effect there are some spell-generating cards (Licensed Adventurer, Firetree Witchdoctor, Venomous Scorpid, Entrapped Sorceress).

The deck also includes the Reno package:

  • Reno Jackson is an amazing aggro-shutdown card that comboes well with Xyrella, it can also be duplicated by Zola the Gorgon
  • Zephrys the Great is an extremely strong card that not only can help us in dire situations but also provides cards to complete the quest.
  • Since we want to play most of our cards on curve, we rarely have extra mana to make use of our hero power, Raza the Chained solves that issue, also pairs well with Justicar Trueheart (what's the last time you've seen THIS card, huh?) for a lot of sustain.

Alexstrasza didn't make the cut, mostly because our hand often gets full and Alex doesn't help much in that regard.

Worth mentioning is the presence of a lot of Dragon related cards in this deck.

Notice that all the 7 and 8 costs cards in the deck are dragons, this way, even if unplayable for most of the game, they still provide value by activating dragon synergies while in our hand.

The main reasoning for the inclusion of dragons in the deck are the amazing antiaggro cards (mainly Duskbreaker, but also Wyrmrest Agent, Twilight Guardian and Primordial Drake)

The cards I didn't mention offer mostly survivability or card generation.


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