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Altered my Wolpertinger deck to Alterac. Irondeep Trogg is a gamewinner if played with some buffs on it. Otherwise its normal wolpertinger play. Copy your Wolpertingers, buff them and flood the board. Just make sure you don't run out of them. 

A: Selective Breeder, Northshire Farmer and Trogg
B: Mount if Breeder and/or Trogg. Same with Biscuit
Scavengers Ing. LW-Kit, Wolp if farmer or Frenzy(coin only)
but not if you have scavengers. Devouring swarm. Dire Frenzy with
coin and scavengers or Wolp.
Use Swarm/Pouch to get free minions like breeders and wolpertingers.
Rarely use Pouch for poison, Swarm is almost always better.
Trick in early game is to not run out of Wolpertingers in deck, therefor
you seldom keep wolpertingers in the mulligan.


I'm hunter main and mostly play off-meta hunter decks. I've reached legend 20 month in a row on EU.

Watch me play on Twitch at: Diapsalma - Twitch I stream most weekdays, weekends is a bonus.

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