12 wins Quest Druid with WILDHEART GUFF

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We managed 12 wins with this extremely powerful deck. The idea is in early rounds to complete the Lost in the Park quest a.s.a.p and use a combination of attack cards to deliver lethal from face to face.

The powerful aspect of this deck early game is it is one of the strongest counters to burn decks such as priest and mage. The reason is twofold, (a) since this is a spell heavy deck they will find it hard to target minions to their advantage, and (b) more importantly we will be getting massive amounts of armour as we progress our quest, putting our health total above the 20 or 25 in early rounds, which priest can easily OTK once it has the right cards.

The middle stage of the run you will be trying to get buckets with card draw and ideally hero attack cards, and the game progresses similar to earlier in the run but you have to adapt based on your passive treasures. We were lucky to get the discover a legendary weapon treasure which can synergise beautifully with our deck, espeically with twig of the world tree we are able to get 10 mana on turn 5 (by swinging the weapon each turn) and if playing Guff on turn 5 we actually shoot up to 15 MANA!!!

The late game you want to focus more on ramping up and combining different ramp synergy cards together with hopefully Wildheart Guff for a permanent mana advantage. This is why card draw is more of a priority in this deck as you will be spending your mana much quicker after to break above the 10 mana threshold. With the extra mana your value should be overwhelming!

For example in the last game of the run we had a crazy OTK using Alexstrasza and the diablo card which makes all damage to the enemy double and Guff gives the 8(doubled to 16) damage for lethal. It is a must see!!! Check it out on my youtube channel here https://youtu.be/WlHjA9wD5sw

THANKS and success in your games!

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