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The entertainment Morbius industry is not known for giving other chances and the concluding episode of "Dexter" often ends up on lists of the most hated TV series finals. But the fans' disappointment at the time also testifies to a great commitment to the series and the main character, whose story never got a real ending. Expectations were therefore high when Showtime Jujutsu Kaisen 0 decided to revive one of fiction's perhaps most beloved anti-heroes, the moral serial killer Dexter Morgan, a.k.a the Bay Harbor Butcher.

In "Dexter: New Blood," Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has left Miami for more northern latitudes and settled in the small community of Iron Lake, NY. Because he wants to leave his old life behind Spider No Way Home (plus the small detail that Dexter Morgan is officially deceased), he now goes by the name Jim Lindsay. Jim lives a routine life, works in the local outdoor store and dates the city's police chief. My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission None of the good people in Iron Lake have the slightest idea that the decent guy who sells hunting weapons to them could be a killer, even less of the series variant.

Dexter tries to convince himself that he can live a low-key and bloodless life like Jim Lindsay and that he has once and for all left his "dark passenger," as he calls his murderous desire, behind. But he completely fails to forget his past and his guilt over Sister Debra's death haunts him. The small town of Iron Lake is also not completely free from temptations for the dark passenger Sing 2 - there is both a provoked rich man's son and a very own local serial killer. To further complicate matters, Dexter's cover is also at stake when his now teenage son Harrison manages to track him down and turns his orderly life upside down.

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